Scott Connections
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Scott Arkansas
Arkansas Historic Preservation Program
Mission, Scope and Goals | Print |  E-mail

Mission: Scott Connections, Inc. exists to: Collect, preserve, record and disseminate the history of plantation and farm life in the Scott, Arkansas area. A radius of 15 +/- miles from the Scott Post Office.

Scope: The organization of Scott Connections areas of interest focus on: A time period consisting of Arkansas’ entrance into the Union as a slave state in 1836 to the introduction of electricity and mechanized farming production methods.

Goals: To achieve its mission, Scott Connections will:

  1. Collect, identify, record and preserve historical and archival materials that depict plantation life at Scott, Arkansas during this early period.  (1836-1945)
  2. Record and preserve living history information in the Scott Connections area of interest.
  3. Actively educate in its areas of interest through interpretive exhibits, programs, tours, publications, etc., and by promoting, conducting and sharing original historical research by its members and others. An emphasis will be made on “hands on” activities.
  4. Develop a site to be called The Scott Settlement to be located in the Scott, Arkansas area. The purpose of this settlement will be to collect and preserve buildings and artifacts of historical significance which will be placed on the Site.
  5. Scott Connections will be governed by an elected Board of Directors which will be made up of volunteers. Professional expertise will be used to achieve the integrity of the mission.