Scott Connections
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Scott Arkansas
Arkansas Historic Preservation Program
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Membership, Volunteer and Donation Information

Organization and Administration

Scott Connections, Inc. is the legal entity that runs and supports the Scott Settlement.  It was started by a group of dedicated volunteers who had the vision to begin saving some of the buildings that were being rapidly lost to the advances in farming.  Scott Connections is a non-profit and tax-exempt entity so all donations are tax deductible according to IRS regulations.
A nine member Board of Directors and a number of ex officio members direct Scott Connections and administer the Settlement. Quarterly Board meetings are held.  Visitors and friends are welcome at all meetings.  The current Board officers are:

 Ed Williams - President
    Diane Gross– Vice-President
    Kim Drees – Secretary
    Gale Hess - Treasurer

Membership Information

In addition to the Board, Scott Connections has over 325 members and supporters.  Membership dues are $25.00 per year or $250 for a lifetime membership. You can join today by clicking HERE for a Membership Application. Mail Membership dues to Scott Connections, P.O. Box 214, Scott, AR 72142
Donations and Financial Information
Scott Connections is supported primarily by membership dues and proceeds from our annual Spring Dinner fundraiser. In addition, we work to secure grants for specific projects.  You may choose to donate or honor/memoralize someone by clicking HERE. Mail donations to Scott Connections, P.O. Box 214, Scott, AR 72142.

Volunteer Opportunities

Volunteers are the lifeblood of Scott Connections.  There are several standing committees and others that are formed for specific projects, all staffed with volunteers. Each committee welcomes and seeks volunteers to serve. The standing committees are:

    Finance Committee – No Current Chair
       Grants – No Current Chair
    Building and Grounds – Kip Moore, Chair
    Education – Joan Dietz, Chair
    Marketing – Kim Drees    
    Records – Jonelle Scott-Jones

Long Range Planning – No Current Chair

Scott Connections Rendezvous- Ed Williams    

High Cotton – Camille Bennett

Spring Dinner – Shelia Vaught

Get involved. Volunteers of all ages are needed.  We have volunteers in age range from Boy Scouts to 101 years old.  If you have the time, we have the project for you. In addition to our committee work, we always need volunteers for specific projects.  Scott Connections is a grass-roots volunteer group dedicated to our mission – Preserving the Past, Educating the Future. Volunteers do everything from cleaning the buildings and ground to planting flowers, developing histories, education events, grants, genealogy research, website improvement, fundraising, inventories, staffing events, helping with tours, even doing research and work from home.  We always need articles for the newsletter that is published 3-4 times per year.  You choose the time and let us know your talents (or lack thereof) and we will find a place for you.  If you don’t know where you might fit in, come to the next board meeting and you will be hooked.

Below are some of the ideas we would like to support but don’t currently have a person to take up the reins. These are merely a few ideas. So much can be accomplished with a little volunteer effort.

    Japanese American Experience in Scott
After WWII, many of the Japanese families interred during the war settled in Scott.  One of the tenant houses at the Settlement is of the type where one family settled.  We would like to incorporate that story into the Settlement.

Building and Donation Inventory

We have many donated items that need cataloged, tagged and inventories before their histories are lost.
    Building Upkeep, Preservation and Restoration
As you can imagine, our buildings constantly need work and that work can be very expensive.  Several of our buildings are not currently open to the public because extensive repairs are needed.  We chose to take the buildings to preserve them. So they sit patiently waiting the time that we have the funds and the manpower to work on them. One such building is the Commissary.  We have been given a grant to do limited work to restore the Commissary but much more work is needed to open it to the public. Our goal is to build living quarters upstairs and to eventually have a person live on site.
Special Events Days
The Settlement is open Friday and Saturday from March to November.  We would love to have one day per month that is dedicated to a special demonstration or event. Maybe you have a special talent that could help a Girl or Boy Scout troop earn a badge. Are you a member of a singing group that would like to perform on site? Can you whittle, quilt, play the fiddle, have a working dog, or do anything else interesting?  Ask to be considered for one of our special events days.

Click HERE for printable Membership Appliction or for more information email us by clicking on the "CONTACT US" link at the top of the page.